My Adventures in Land Rover land
Don't ask me why. One day I decided I needed something a tad more adventurous than my MINI Cooper. I started
searching the web, local classifieds, backs of magazines. Pretty soon, budget and aesthetics led me to old Land

Before long, I found a 1967 ex MOD (Ministry of Defense) Series II for sale in N.J. To me, it was gorgeous. (Boxes of
spare parts. An extra short canvas top. Brand new door top.) To the rest of the world, it was painted green and black
camo (that had faded to tan and gray) had some B.F. Goodrich stickers on it, banged in fenders, and looked too tall to
have any stability on any corner over 30 mph.  

We struck a deal and the owner drove it up to me.

Problem was, err, problems were: the serial number on the registration (one of those short numbers only number)
dated it to the early 70's, all the body and features pointed to a Series III, and there was a little more rust on the frame
than I would have liked.

I spent most of the summer tinkering and playing. Wal-Mart provided a gorgeous $29.95 paint job, courtesy the Krylon
department. 6 cans of olive drab and 4 of black and it looked better than an Earl Schibes paint job.  Yes, it cost me a
little more than I would have wanted at the mechanics, and I brought it to my neighbor's body shop to reinforce some of
the frame. But this sucker can take the best of the trails in Harriman with ease now.
(C) 2007-2008
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The pic below is 'pre-paint job' Notice the OD had faded to more of a desert tan...