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Fido Calves FOUR Kids!
Wow. What else is there to say? We knew she was getting as big as a barn. But four? Finally
Roberta called and said "This might be the time". Fido tended to get listless last time. She talks alot, stands with her head in the corner, and looks generally like she would rather be in Philadelphia. I got home in time to see that she was in fact miserable, and tonight was going to be the night.
If you would like to discuss the possiblility of owning one of these fine animals, please email Roberta!
They are of  registered stock and all four will be AGS registered. Additional pics available.
The Birthing Center at Spook Rock Farms
Aunts and Uncles, waiting
The "Chairs"
Meanwhile, back in the barn, WAY too much excitement for one day
I layed down in the hay with Fido. Is this a shana punim or what? She was so miserable. Look at her closed eyes and droopy ears.
"If I ever get my hoofs on that buck..."
Fido hoping the pain will go away
I'm sure she's thinking "If someone would only take that beach ball out from under me..."
Super-Midwife to the rescue!
Apologies: This page is very graphic intensive (as well as just plain very graphic.)
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Final Stages of Labor
Jacob and I both agreed, we didn't have to see that...
At Last, Kidding
Number 1
Number 2 - red arrow points to the head
Quarter Dozen
The Last One (click for a better picture)
Cleaning off Number 2 (click for larger image)
Finally, it was so cold that night we brought Fido and her new kids inside.  Yes, no finer accomodations then the Rose Family bathroom.  In the morning, it looked like a scene from a Truman Capote novel, but we had Mom and 4 kids!
First Steps
All images (C) David Rose
Finally! Two BOYS and Two GIRLS!
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