Madeline's First Kidding....
Click on any picture for a larger, clearer view. These were shot hand held, at dusk, with no flash. Sorry about the graininess, and the lack of sharpness.
About 4:30 or so Roberta called and said Madeline had a baby girl.  Much to Adam's chagrin, I left work to see the new arrival and document the fleeting light of the day. 

I got home about 5:30 or so to all sorts of activity in the yard.
The chickens, of course, ranged from total panic to sitting around like absolutely nothing had happened.
I know this is out of focus, but it totally sums up the event. Maddy and Eloise sitting in the corner and the ducks waddling around like the sky was falling. Back and forth. Cluck-uuuck. Left, right, left again. They are such charactors.
These are here because Maddy has a great rack.
In no time the world started to get the news. I thnk it made CNN at 11 PM. If you didn't get a call, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to get you on the "A" list...
And of course, what Rose goat birthing is complete without the trip to the bathroom for the night.
All in all, even though we missed the actual kidding, it was excellent. Eloise is exceptionally cute. and Madeline, who was very spooked until recently, lost a lot of her edginess with this kidding.

We now have Nuegoat and Fido to go.

Last year, Nuegoat kidded 1 and Fido 4. We are expecting another 6 or so kids in the yard!
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