The first thing to go were the stock runflats. I never even drove them, having the dealer swap them off at delivery and install my Borbet rims with snow tires. Image at left. At right is an image of the summer wheels: Kazera rims in light gray with BF Goodrich G-Force KDW tires. The rims are 14 lbs each, and the tires have a really agressive tread pattern. They hold exceptionally well. The corner great and in the rain as fantastic.
Then, paint the calipers. In part because I think they look better, but also because BMW is prone to such soft brake pads that the wheels and components turn black in no time.  20/20 hindsight? I would have picked another color...
Next, the BMP intake removed from the 2002 S. This intake has a larger surface area than the oem, allowing more air to suck into the engine. And, although I don't hear it as much on the Cab as the 02, it has a neat whine to it when I rev the engine. Showing is the cover: the filter is under that.
Then, I installed the strut brace from the '02. Extremely easy, but lining everything up can sometimes be a challenge. Notice the black plugs atop the strut tower. These are stock plastic plugs that originally fit into a cardboard core from a roll of something. Some guy on eBay sells them, but if you look around you can probably find them tossed out someplace. They clean up the look of the top of the towers very nicely.
This one is actually related to painting the calipers in that I did it while the car was on jacks. Seems the fan that controls the power steering and a few other critical components has no covering. Suck a plastic bag in there and the whole system shuts down, even at 70. This one was free from Moss MINI.
Driving lamps, from Alta. Wow. These light up the road like nobody's business. And, they bolt right to the metal of the car. They do not shake at all. A much better design than the oem lamps. (I had a policeman say once "those are really bright..." and I thought I was busted!)
A few before and after cosmetic items
One of my favorites: a MINI badge from an original MINI.
Last, but not least: the late Jackman painted the downtubes and ashtray cover, and I ordered the orange leather trim from RedLine, in Poland.
There are more, and I'll add them, but if I don't get this page up, now, I'll never get to it!
Mods to DUCTTAPE (#2) 
2005 MINI Cooper S Cabrio
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