Bringing Home First Gear
The day finally arrived.  Jen's MINI was ready and waiting at Westchester MINI.

Not too bad actually. We placed the order January 30, 2003. The
car was built by mid February and made it onto the Carmen a week later.  2 weeks or so to sail, a week through the VPC, and here it was.  Less than 6 weeks from deposit to pick up.
We piled Jen and Josh into the Expedition and headed to Westchester. When we got there, we got our first glimpse. First Gear was heading out to get gased.
Of course, no experience is complete in the Rose family without coffee.  So many cups, so little time...
Our First Closeup view of First Gear
Hmmm, Mom and Dad better not have any more kids.
Ludicrous Speed
We haven't even left the lot yet!
Our first official viewing. There she is, hanging out with brethren.  And how do MINI dealers keep their garage so clean?
Jen and Josh finding out that the trunk is really the boot.  And Jen realizing 12 people are not going to fir into this car...
No MINI delivery is complete without the Official Dealer Picture.
Look at all those lights. More on that below.
On the Road...
We haven't even left the lot and we're having a blast!
Home on the Tappan Zee Bridge
How First Gear got her name...
I think I can, I think I can...
Okay, maybe not...
Hope springs eternal, and call us the forever optimist. How hard could it be to learn to drive a stick?  Especially if Jen had practiced a little before?  Well, 2nd to 3rd and 3rd to 4th were ok (So far I still haven't been in the car with her when she has made it to 5th.) But standstill to First, that was becoming a non-event.  Clutch in, gas down, clutch out, gas out. No, thats not it. Clutch in, gas down, clutch out, buck, buck, buck. There are all those dashboard lights Lori showed me...

Standard transmission might be hard for Jen, but a bucking bronco was a piece of cake. We are entering her in the Wyoming State Fair next year.  Buck, buck, buck...
Are these two looks precious, or what? Your little girl never grows up!
I call this one the XKe MINI.
Now all 6 of us can go places together.
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(C) 2003
Before it even got to Westchester MINI, First Gear got to spend 10 days on the open sea, aboard the Carmen.
For sure, a high class car company: how many people  can say their cars were treated to an ocean cruise?
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