MINIs I have known
and some I'd like to...
Ok, Woody and I have never met, and deep down I think she exists only in Photoshop 7.0. Even so, this is one GREAT looking car.  In a heart beat!
and can you think of a nicer insides for Woody then these great Schroth seats? I can barely control myself here.
click on each pic for a screen-sized shot
The Borbets I choose for my snows. They look better than oem's!
DUCTTAPE proudly showing her 'kills'.
Anthony's ANTSMINI (well, the first one anyway). One cool looking cooper.
REAL men drive MINIs
Click on these for larger images
And of course, the ONLY picture to email your friend who is anxiously awaiting transport of their MINI from England.
Lastly, I present this gem... It's officially entitled: "How to tell if your ass is too small".

And honestly now, is this not THE best paint job you have ever seen on an automobile?  Click for larger image.
Versaci MINI. Poor picture, but I really do like the colors. (Sorry!)