Mods for my MINI
A complete overview...
FIAM Air Horn, modified by Moss MINI.  A regular, run of the mill FIAM horn, but Moss made special brackets to shoe horn this thing under the bonnet.  Installing was a snap. Reaching here and there to tighten for the compressor was a different matter altogether.

All in all, a nice addition. Louder than MINIs oem horn, but a bit of a whimp toot all the same. I wanted a big, 18 wheeler "Get the f&@k outta my way" sound.
Under the Bonnet
BMP Air Filter. The housing looks nicer, but more importantly, the sound out of this thing is way cool.  More bhp? Maybe. A fun mod? For sure. Rev high with this one.
A cheap mod. I painted the battery terminal cover red and yellow. Now, if I could only keep it clean...
It's rather difficult to see, but if you look closely in the pics above you can make out the Moss Strut Tower Brace.  It's no where near as nice as the one I have on my 2002tii, in finish or perceived strength, and it's too new to let you know what I think of the performance results.
Body Mods
The best mod ever, because I won them for free at Westchester MINI's spring party! That was a few days before taking delivery of DUCTTAPE, so they even installed them for me.  They are obscenely expensive when ordered directly from MINI, but they DO light up the road like nobody's business. And, I must say the bracket is top shelf. There is no wobbling of the lights, even at high speeds.
A cheap mod that never fails to get people talking. These were part of a MINI ad, I think in Motor Week.  As a sidebar, the two guys driving behind me in Litchfield said I need to add a little black field mouse too...
Double brake light jumper wire. 'Nough said, a no-brainer.
Borbet alloys. I got these to go with my snows (do you know how much it costs to change over a run-flat?!?) I think they are gorgeous, and look nicer than the oems. Cheap too, from Tire Rack.
Is this a great roof, or what?
Magnaflow Exhaust
The Magnaflow Exhaust...
This one was probably my most labored over mod to date.  I really liked the idea of a better, deeper sounding exhaust.  The performance enhancements were secondary. I listened to as many .wav files on the web as i could find, and I knew I
didn't want one of those raspy, hamster-on-a-wheel whines that many sounded like to me.  At the Bear Mountain ride John and Kim reved their engines along side one another, and John was kind enough to flip me the keys for a ride.  Magnaflow it was.
I searched for the best price, ordered it and made arrangements for borrow friends and ramps to install it on the weekend.  Turns out finding the friends was easier then the ramps, but that is a different story. I happened to be at my local MINI service center, who shall remain annonymous, not because they do anything less than top shelf work, but because they aren't supposed to do aftermarket mods like this. Anyway, I asked if there was a price he could offer that would make me not want to do this myself. Yup, $45 sure was a price that convinced me!  And with hindsight, a damned good thing too, because it took 3 techs 45 minutes, with the business end of the car at eye level.
As I drove it away I couldn't help thinking to myself "uh oh". This puppy was loud. And I HATE noise. I wonder how much to put the old exhaust
I don't know if it was me, or if the 'Flow got quiter, but the noise seems to have mellowed. And I love this exhaust!  Reving is very fine. Driving under a bridge, or thru an enclosed area is very neat. And, there is an
amazing performance gain here. I find myself shifting much closer to 6000 rpms now.  I'm driving speeds in low gear, while accelerating, that I never thought were possible. All in all, this mod is a winner.
pics still to come: my yellow brake calipers and my Moss skid plate.
Driver's side shelf. What were they thinking not making this oem?
The jury is still out on the Infinity Kappas
(C) 2003 -2004 David Rose
Some neat interior stuff. The Whalen knob is a winner. Doug custom cuts any design you want, and the feel is wonderful. I just had to add a leather shift boot after the Whalen.  I also hardwired my cell and Escort into the car. No more using the cigarette lighter, and the wire for the cell magically appears from behind the silver post. The cell is mounted to a bracket right on the dash, and the Escort's remote stuck under the row of toggles.
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Pictures to come! I added the Helix 15% reduction pulley. This thing is INCREDIBLE.  To quote Dennis, on the boards, "Get the Pulley..." Wow!
Notice the white squares towards the rear of the glass? This was when they just started to fall off. The mfg, in England, says they are not guaranteed to hold above 90 mph...