Hudson Bay Clothing Page!
No, not clothing to keep you warm up there, clothing to keep you stylish!

We have commissioned several places to offer clothing with the event logo. You can pick and choose, and they'll bill you directly and ship you directly.

Prices are listed righton their sites. I will fess up here though: The group gets a rebate on everything you buy. No, it won't be enough for a JCW Upgrade, but maybe a few beers when we get to the end of the road.
You can order merchandise from Zazzle by clicking here. The long sleeve orange t-shirt is from them.

You can
order other goodies from by clicking here. In additon to shirts, CafePress offers mugs, bags, stickers and some other goodies. They are a tad cheaper, but the selection doesn't seem as large.
Look at all this space! Someone send us some artwork!
Questions, email DUCTTAPE
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The Zazzle T-Shirt