or, how I spent a 3 day weekend in June with 71 or so other MINIs, 1 VW beetle and probably 150 other people with the same sense of fun as me.
By David Rose, grade 7
About early April or so I started to 'advertise' for people to drive up to the MINIs on Top event that coming June in N.H.  3 brave MINIs eventually panned out.

Everyone met that Friday at my house for the ride. After a slight detour to milk our goat (don't ask), we were on our way.

I got to try my new
UF camera mount.
The next day 70 or so MINIs met at the Loon parking area to met and greet one another, get our window klings and t-shirts and generally do what crazy people do in this situation.
Jacob took a picture of Kim's HARMINI and my DUCTTAPE
Later Kim rewarded him by giving him his first taste of juvenile delinquency. ----->
Here's Kim trying to explain why HARMINI has 2 pedals, and DUCTTAPE has 3.  Just at that moment, we started pulling out for the drive. Jake jumped out of HARMINI and in DUCTTAPE  with me, and we were off. He finished his driving lesson later by the base of Washington.
We did make it to the top.
The view off the mountain was breathtaking. As in, when you fall off, the drop down will surely take all the breath out of you.
NB: Some of these pics are 'borrowed'. Apolgies, thanks and credit to the providers.
We were on the highest point in the east for the sunset on the longest day of the year.
ok, this one is Nat and me on top of the parking lot SIGN, but we did make the mountain top too
Ah, that's better. Frank's picture of the lot on top.
Frank Rosati
Frank Rosati
Jacob Rose
Kim LeMoon
As if driving up wasn't fun enough, coming down was a trip in itself:
Don't beileve we were there, eh? I bet you don't believe Neil Armstrong landed on the moon either...
Please click on each of these. I think they capture the ride down fairly well.
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