I get to shoot a Photo Shoot!
by David Rose, lucky s.o.b.
Ok, some times I just have great mazel.   Our daughter Jen hooked up with a crew of people from NY who were doing a test shoot. What that means, if I understand it correctly, is that they each pitch in, do their craft, and share the end results for their portfolios.  My mazel comes in because both Jen and Roberta said 'go ahead, shoot it!'. :)

I decided there is no reason to try to do glam shots, because a) I'm probably not that good, b) no one would use them and c) they are a dime a dozen. I decided instead to try to document the shoot from behind Nicoli's camera.

They all showed up at our house on a Tuesday morning and proceded to do their stuff. Jen did the gowns. Nicoli the photography, Natasha the modeling, Edward the makeup and Ursula was the designer.  There was also a hair stylist, but I failed to catch her name the entire day.

We left shortly for a spot off Rte 17 that Nicoli knew of. As we pulled in, everyone else was quite amazed at the layout. A long, straight road, surrounded by tall, stately trees.  We drove to the end and set up.
I think I caught her off guard here, but I like this shot
From behind the photographer
Nicoli and Ursula with Natasha
Click on each pic on this page for a larger view
Enough suburban beauty. About a half hour of shooting and then we hopped in our cars and headed off to Harriman Park.  There was a large field, with grass about 3 feet high, surrounded by trees.  Really pretty. Nicoli wanted to shoot Natasha on a bed in the middle of the field, of all things.  So we got there, and while Nicoli was setting his cameras and blowing up the bed, the others got to work on Natasha.
             Make up                                     Hair                                    Dressing                               Final Touches
The final effect. All in all, looks very professional, very high quality and very good.
          Photographing                                 Jen Gripping
The finished products. Yes, these are the dreaded "glam" shots, but I ended up liking this better then the back of Nicoli's head. Click on each for a larger, clearer shot::
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With hindsight, and input from the good people on the Leica user group, the
exposure on the finished glam shots below is difficult. Her gown is overexposed, her skin tones are over exposed to spot on and the background is a tad under exposed.  This second gown was
very difficult because it was sheer, and her crystals shined bright.  And several of the shots below are burned in!  Anyway, it was a great afternoon for me, experiencing a shoot, interpreting the event and putting it on a page. I hope you enjoy the work.