George Orwell was right. He only missed it by a few years.  (The title was a fluke though. He reversed the year it was written, 1948, and came up with the title.) As if Nixon, Reagan and Bush (as well as Hitler and Stalin before them) weren't scarry enough, 2004 brings a fresh crop of "world leaders".
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Comparisons to Hitler and the 1930's-1940's propaganda machines are intentional. Our present group of leaders seems intent on keeping us safe, from ourselves, even if it kills us. After all, the logic seems to go, what good is personal freedom if there are terrorists running around to spoil things?
Well thank goodness for the little things
(no pun intended)
And of course, ever on our guard, we must protect the borders from terrorists, infidels, homosexuals, people who keep their heads covered and drawing an analogy back to Hitler, we should probably keep Jews and gypsies out too. At least those that are left after the last round of ethnic cleansing.
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My August 7, 2005 Op Ed Piece, in the Rockland Journal News
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Why did I choose to put Hitler on my website? Because I think this picture is a perfect example of how institutionalized anything can become, given half the chance.
?Don't give in an inch to tyranny, oppression, racism or hatred, or they will have won.