On the way home from Les Mis at Helen Hayes, we took a little detour to Good Sam
While driving home on the Thruway, we had the unfortunate experience of driving behind a tractor trailer (full of coffins, no less), who himself had the unfortunate experience of driving behind an idiot in the left lane who decided he needed to exit in the right lane. Right then and there.  After watching the trailer dance sideways across the hiway, I realized we didn't have that extra 25 feet or so that we need to avoid the ICC bar. Whopp! Airbags. Smoke. Me saying Okey Dokey. And Josh saying he was fine but his knee hurt from the airbag going off.

I got out and it seemed there were two trucks involved.  One driver got out, holding a plastic bottle of Orange Crush, with a
big wet circle in his lap.  "Are you alright?" he asked. And then realized it looked like he had an accident after his accident. "Ah, the bottle was in my lap, between my legs."

The ambulances eventually showed up. Tow truck driver took our car away, and we started our next experience for the night
Laying on the stretcher. "Oy vey is mer! Why, why me? I have a play. I'm supposed to get hit by a cart tomorrow night, how could I get hit by a truck tonight? Wait, I can't feel my toes. Look at all these cars. I hope I don't get hit again. What if they put me in the wrong ambulance? They could take me to a different hospital, and I might not see my loved ones for weeks! I'll never play the piano again!
Ok, maybe it's not so bad. Dad just said something stupid.
Oh no! What will become of me? Wait! I can't see me toes!
I've had enough excitement tonight Josh, how 'bout you?
Josh? Fido? Too strange a coincidence...